About The Importance Of Transmission Fluid To A Vehicle


A transmission is like the heart of a vehicle because you cannot drive around without it. If your vehicle is beginning to jerk a lot, you may need to get the transmission fluid checked by a mechanic. In this article, you will about the importance of transmission fluid to your vehicle and how a mechanic can change it for you.

How Important is Transmission Fluid to a Vehicle?

Transmission fluid is important to your vehicle because it is the only way the torque converter will be functional. The fluid moves the hydraulics in the torque converter so power can be taken from the engine and transferred to the transmission. It is vital for the transmission to get a sufficient amount of power so it can turn the gears of your vehicle into torque. A lack of power can lead to jerking or no moving at all for the vehicle.

The transmission fluid must also be free of contaminants or have a low level of them. Contaminants often get into the fluid from engine parts. The engine parts can rub together when they are not lubricated and shed pieces of metal into the fluid. You must pay attention to the level and quality of transmission fluid in your vehicle by getting it inspected by a mechanic every now and then.

How Can a Mechanic Change Transmission Fluid?

A mechanic can change the transmission fluid in your vehicle by getting rid of the majority of the old fluid. New fluid will then by placed in the vehicle, but the old fluid will mix with it. You may have a few contaminants in the new fluid because of the old fluid not being completely removed during the change.

However, a mechanic can also completely flush the transmission fluid out before new fluid is placed in your vehicle. All of the contaminants will be removed during a transmission flush, and a cleaning solution will be placed in the vehicle before new fluid is poured inside. You may want to get into the habit of investing in a transmission fluid flush every two years, as it will lead to your vehicle being more durable.

When a vehicle continuously jerks while you are driving in heavy traffic, it can lead to an accident. Keep your transmission fluid at a sufficient level to prevent jerking. For more information, contact Duncan Tire & Auto or a similar company.


17 December 2014

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