Use A Suction Dent Puller To Fix Your Car


If your car has a few dents in it from a recent accident, or just from wear and tear over time, instead of taking it to the auto body shop and running up an expensive bill, you can take the dents out at home.

Purchase A Suction Dent Puller

It does not take very many supplies to remove a dent from your vehicle. If you do not have a suction dent puller, you can pick one up at your local automotive parts store or order one online from an automotive store. You will also need to find a bucket that you can fill with soapy water, and a sponge you can use on your car.

Clean The Dent

In order to use a suction dent puller, you need to have a clean surface. Use the soapy water and the sponge to thoroughly clean the dented section of your vehicle that you will be working on. Be sure to rinse it off with clean water once you are done scrubbing the dirt away. You do not want any soapy residue left over either.

Prepare The Suction Dent Puller

Once your vehicle is clean, take out the suction dent puller. In order to get it ready, you will need to turn the thumbscrews counterclockwise. The thumbscrews are located on both sides of the suction cup. You will also need to flip the screws away from the puller handle.

Position The Suction Dent Puller

After you have prepared the suction dent puller, you will need to need to position the suction cup right in the middle of the dent. Once the suction cup is secure, flip the screws back toward the handle. Then, give it a little tug to make sure that the suction cup is secure. If you feel some give, you will need to tighten the thumbscrews. This will help the suction cup stay in place while you do your work.

Pop Out The Dent

Once the suction cup is securely attached to the middle of the dent, you will want to brace yourself and pull the handle straight back and away from your vehicle. As you pull the suction from the cup, this action should cause the dent to pop itself out.

Reposition The Puller And Repeat

If it is a large dent, only a portion of the metal may pop out. After this happens, you will need to reposition the suction cup. To reposition the suction cup, you just loosen the thumbscrews and flip them away from the handle. This will release the suction cup. Once the suction cup is loose, you can move it over toward where the middle of the dent is now. Flip the screws back towards the handle, tighten, and pull.

You may need to repeat this process multiple times in order to pull the dent out of your vehicle. You may only need to reposition the suction cup a few times to fix a small dent. A large dent may require you to reposition the suction cup multiple times in order to remove the dent. With a little patience, you can get all the dents out of your car yourself.

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Lombard Body & Fender Inc. or a similar company.


8 January 2015

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