Truck Bed Extenders For The Professional Handyman

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Are you are a handyman or home repair professional who works out of his pickup truck? In that case, you know that hauling supplies in a pickup is not always a simple task. Sometimes the load you must haul is larger than your truck bed. Fortunately, a convenient accessory called a pickup bed extender can help you with this problem. Here is the 411 on this useful and practical attachment for your work vehicle.

Tailgate Mount

The most common type of bed extender is the tailgate mount. This device fits onto the back of the truck at the tailgate. It allows you to haul loads with the tailgate down, which gives you extra room for your supplies and materials. The design of the tailgate mount bed extender consists of curved bars attached to the truck bed that extend out to the edge of the tailgate. The amount of extra space you get from a typical bed extender of this type is limited by the length of the tailgate.

Hitch Mount

Another type of pickup bed extender attaches to the hitch of your vehicle. The hitch mount bed extender is not limited by the tailgate length. This extender, which has a T-shaped steel bar design, let you haul long items without simply having them hang over the back of your pickup without any support. Some hitch bed extenders have adjustable lengths and heights for greater convenience. If you regularly haul long boards or pipes to the work site, a hitch extender makes a great investment.

Fold Down

A third type of pickup bed extender is the fold down type. This model is similar to the tailgate mount variety, except that it does not attach to your truck bed, just the tailgate itself. When you close the tailgate, you simply fold down the extender so that it's hardly noticeable.


Although installing a truck bed extender does require you to be handy with tools, this is obviously not a problem for repair professionals. The tailgate mount type might involve more work because you may need to drill holes in the sides of the truck bed, depending on the installation instructions.

Clearly, investing in a truck bed extender is a great idea for your handyman business. It saves you time and effort and prevents material from falling off the back of the vehicle. To discover what type of pickup extender is right for your needs, contact a local truck accessory dealer for more information.


12 January 2015

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