Repair Your Auto Paint On Your Own


Many people feel confident fixing and repainting blemishes in their home. However, most people are uncomfortable repairing paint on their car. In fact, repairing paint on cars is not that much harder if you have the right tools. This article will explain how to repair and paint blemishes caused by rock chips.

Preparing the Chipped Area

First, you should repaint rock chips as soon as possible. Try to fix the chip before it starts to rust. Once the metal beneath starts to rust it is probably too late to fix the chip. The first step is to prepare the area to be painted. Clean the area thoroughly with alcohol so the primer will stick the metal. Rub the alcohol into the spot with a lint free cloth or rag.

Priming the Chipped Area

Let the alcohol dry before you apply the primer. Applying the primer is easily done with a cotton swab. Try not to get the primer on the paint of the car. Try to get it just inside the chip. Be sure to let the primer dry completely before you paint over it.

Finding the Right Paint and Painting the Chip

The hardest part of the whole process can often be finding the right paint. The surest way to get the most accurate paint color is to get it straight from the dealer. Dealers sell small, sample-sized cans of paint that have tiny brushes built into the lid for fixing small chips. These are always the best bet. However, your dealer might not have the color that you need or you might not live close enough to a dealer. Many auto body and paint shops will also have car paint for sale. These products will usually be made by a third party, but they often work just as good. You can find them easily by providing the shop with the make, model and year of your car.

Actually painting the chipped area is not too hard if you have the right color. Simply use the brush provided and use the paint sparingly so it does not drip or run. You can overlap with the actual paint on the car to help the new paint blend in with the old.

Fixing small chips will prevent rust spots that could get larger and cause problems down the road. It is a simple and quick way to make your care look nicer and prevent costly repairs for your to worry about later.

For more information about paint repair, check out your local paint and body shop.


20 January 2015

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