5 Auto Repair Tasks That Everyone Should Know How To Do

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Auto repair shops exist for a reason—cars are complex. They are where people who have dedicated their lives to learning the ins and outs of cars help those who are less knowledgeable about the machines they operate every day.  These are the people who keep our automobiles running safely; however, they do not live in our back pockets for whenever an issue with our cars arises.  There are a few things that every car owner, driver, or even passenger should know how to complete. If you need to brush up on your skills, now is the time to do it. 

1. Checking and Changing the Oil

Checking the oil is usually a precautionary measure, but one of the most vital car responsibilities a person can carry out.  The procedure is universal in most cases and can be completed as follows:

  • Make sure your vehicle is cooled down and on level ground.
  • Remove the dipstick.
  • Take note of the oil's level—is it too high or too low?
  • If the oil is low, add more.

Keeping your car's oil at a steady level is what ensures that it is running properly, and it is something you can do in minutes.  This easy fix will keep you safe and your car running smoothly.

2. Changing a Flat Tire

Depending on the make or model of your vehicle, a tire repair can get a little trickier; however, it is still vital that all car owners are aware of the process for their particular car.  Some helpful tips include:

  • Know where your spare tire and tools are.
  • Equip your vehicle with necessary equipment including towels and a car jack.
  • Keep emergency numbers readily available (emergency contacts, towing companies, auto repair shops).

Sometimes, even the most experienced drivers struggle with this repair, so be sure to assess your safety and abilities before attempting it yourself.

3.  You Locked Your Keys in the Car

It happens to everyone—that split second when you realize your keys are enclosed behind the locked doors of your vehicle.  While this specific task is not technically a physical repair, it is an issue that certainly needs to be fixed with the proper technique.  When this situation occurs, it is helpful to keep a spare set of keys readily available and separate from the main set.  If this is not an option, call local authorities such as the non-emergency police line or a towing company with the proper tools and services. 

4. Basic Safety Repairs

Auto repair tasks are about more than simply fixing the bolts and screws.  Other factors can affect a person's experience in the car, and making adjustments or fixing the way a vehicle is operated is dire to remaining safe.  It is a driver's responsibility to know how to repair basic problems that may occur due to outside conditions.  This includes:

  • Restoring foggy, icy, or snowy windows that impair visibility (windshield wiper upkeep, defroster/heat maintenance, windshield wiper fluid levels)
  • Observing and reacting properly to surrounding drivers
  • Emergency break functionality
  • Adjusting driving due to extreme weather conditions

5. Keeping up Quality Tires

You know what to do when a flat tire occurs now, but tire upkeep is going to be what keeps an accident like that from happening in the first place.  This is another precautionary measure that involves checking the tires for balding or wear and tear such as cracks.  Maneuvering safely through rough terrains or hazardous weather conditions depends largely on the state of your vehicle's tires.

If you feel that you are unprepared to handle any of these basic auto repair tasks, you need to research and become better informed about the basic responsibilities everyone should know.  Talk to the auto repair experts such as Brach's Auto Center Inc. near you, thoroughly explore all you need to know to own or operate a car, and be prepared for the worst.  It could save a life.



9 April 2015

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