These Four Symptoms Mean Your Car's Bushings Are Damaged

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There are some parts of your car that you rarely think about; you may not even know what they are until the vehicle starts misbehaving. One of these is the bushings, which sit at different points between the car's body and its suspension. It is usually made from rubber, which allows it to add flexibility between the metallic joints between the different suspension parts. Here are four things that show damaged bushings:

Increased Road Noise

Most car parts are made from metal, which means the connections can be very noisy if they aren't protected by bushings. Imagine what would happen if the different metals parts were to bang against each other, for example, when driving over rough roads. The rubbery nature of the bushings prevents this from happening.

If your bushings are damaged, then the road vibrations would be transmitted directly from the suspension to the body of the car. The result is a noise driving experience that you would not like.

Reduced Driving Comfort

When bushings wear out or lose their flexibility, your ride comfort also suffers. This is because joints become stiffer and allow the vibrations from the road bumps to reach the car's interior. People think that shock absorption is restricted to springs and shock absorbers, but it is the different parts of the suspension system (including the bushings) work together to cushion you from road imperfections. In fact, extremely worn out bushings may even result in clunking noises, which in themselves are unpleasant.

Sloppy Steering and Handling

Another function of bushings is to hold the suspension system together. The more the bushings wear out, the looser the different parts of the suspension system become. This means your vehicle will move too much when steering it. This can be very dangerous at high speeds; for example, when you try cornering, and the car doesn't respond as it should, and it oversteers.

Wheel Misalignment

The control arm is the part of the suspension that ensures your car's wheels are always aligned with its body. There are bushings between the control arm and the body of the car. If these are damaged, then the wheels experience extreme play and may even become misaligned.

As you can see, bushings have an important role in your car's handling, safety, and comfort. Some of these symptoms may also point to damages to other parts of the suspension such as springs and control arms. Therefore, consult your mechanic before ordering for replacement bushings.

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20 August 2015

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