These Tools And Supplies Come In Handy When Your Car Breaks Down

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To stay safe on the road, you need to keep your car in good repair with regular maintenance. However, things can still happen, such as a flat tire or accident that leaves you stranded. It's a good idea to carry a few tools and safety equipment in your car for such emergencies. Here are a few things you may want to put in your toolbox.

Tire Tools

You always want to have a spare tire in your car even if you don't know how to change it yourself. While the best case scenario is that you can change your own tire, if you can't, you never know when a good Samaritan or police officer will stop to offer help. In addition to the tire, you need a lug wrench to change it. Also, consider carrying a can of tire foam. You can use this to inflate a flat tire so you can drive your car for a few miles to a gas station. Another tire tool to put in your toolbox is a tire gauge. This important instrument tests the pressure in each of your tires to make sure they are inflated properly. Having one of these handy will help you identify a slow leak in a tire.

Safety Equipment

Be sure to pack some reflective triangles in case your car breaks down at night. The triangles will warn other drivers your car is on the shoulder, so you won't get hit. In addition, you want a flashlight and spare batteries. Be sure to replace the batteries before their expiration date. You'll appreciate having a flashlight if you are all alone in the dark, and it will come in handy during the daylight too, if you need to see inside the engine where it's shaded by the hood. Carrying a first aid kit is a good idea too, so you'll be prepared for any injuries you or your family get while traveling down the road. One item you'll want to keep near your front seat is an escape tool. These come with a strap cutter on one end so you can cut yourself out of your seat belt, and a pick hammer on the other end so you can break out glass if you need to escape through the window of your car.

Survival Supplies

If you're driving through the country or desert and go long distances between towns, or if you drive during snowy winters, you'll want to pack survival supplies too. This includes things such as snacks and drinks. You may also want to place blankets in your car, or at least pack a lightweight space blanket to keep you warm. Also, be sure your phone is fully charged each time you get in the car. Carry a portable charger so you can keep it charged on the go.

Useful Tools

Hand tools can be used for many things even if you don't know how to fix anything under the hood. It doesn't hurt to pack general use tools such as a screwdriver, wrench, duct tape, towing strap, and a multi-tool. You can even buy a toolbox already filled with tools and supplies that come in handy when you break down on the road. Be sure to check your supplies occasionally and update them for the season. For instance, during the winter, you may want to carry an old patch of carpet, cardboard, or kitty litter to give you traction in the snow. Also, consider keeping jumper cables in the trunk and maybe even a portable charger, especially if you drive on deserted roads.

While an emergency may never happen, it is much better to be prepared than to spend the night alone in a cold car because you have no supplies and a dead cell phone, so keep these ideas in mind if you're looking for something to fill your truck toolbox, from a place like Service Van Equipment & RV Specialists, with. 


2 September 2015

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