4 Factors To Consider When Buying Used Auto Body Parts

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When you're in need of a replacement part for your vehicle, of course you don't want to pay more than you need to. As such, you might want to consider purchasing used auto parts rather than brand new OEM parts; doing so can save you a great deal of money. And if you take the time to do your research and keep some important factors in consideration, you can find a reliable used part for a fraction of the price of a new one.


Before you begin your search for a used part, consider how difficult it may be to come by based on your car's made, model, and year. For instance, if you drive an older model of car that has been discontinued, you're likely going to have a harder time finding used parts for it than if you were to drive a newer and very popular make and model of car. If your used part will be harder to come by, you may need to consider expanding your search options by looking online rather than just visiting local junk yards.

Paint Matching

If you're looking for a used auto body part, understand that you may not be able to find a perfect paint match. However, you shouldn't necessarily let this discourage you. A lot of times, a body shop can easily repaint the part to match your car, and you'll still be saving money in comparison to buying a brand new part altogether.

Existence of Warranty

Depending on how much use the part has gotten or how old it is, it may or may not still have a warranty on it. For example, an engine part may be covered up to a certain number of miles, or a non-moving part may be guaranteed for a certain number of years. If the part still has any coverage, be sure to obtain all warranty paperwork from the seller.

VIN Verification

To make absolute sure you're buying a compatible part for your vehicle, always make sure to check the vehicle identification number (VIN) associated with the part. If you're shopping for used car parts online, you may even be able to search by your VIN to bring up the most relevant results. From there, you can make your purchase with greater confidence.

Be sure to consider these factors as you shop for used car parts (from an outlet such as Cottman Used Auto Parts). From there, you can save money and keep your car running smoothly.


16 September 2015

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