4 Factors To Consider When Buying Used Auto Body Parts

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When you're in need of a replacement part for your vehicle, of course you don't want to pay more than you need to. As such, you might want to consider purchasing used auto parts rather than brand new OEM parts; doing so can save you a great deal of money. And if you take the time to do your research and keep some important factors in consideration, you can find a reliable used part for a fraction of the price of a new one.

16 September 2015

These Tools And Supplies Come In Handy When Your Car Breaks Down

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To stay safe on the road, you need to keep your car in good repair with regular maintenance. However, things can still happen, such as a flat tire or accident that leaves you stranded. It's a good idea to carry a few tools and safety equipment in your car for such emergencies. Here are a few things you may want to put in your toolbox. Tire Tools You always want to have a spare tire in your car even if you don't know how to change it yourself.

2 September 2015

These Four Symptoms Mean Your Car's Bushings Are Damaged

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There are some parts of your car that you rarely think about; you may not even know what they are until the vehicle starts misbehaving. One of these is the bushings, which sit at different points between the car's body and its suspension. It is usually made from rubber, which allows it to add flexibility between the metallic joints between the different suspension parts. Here are four things that show damaged bushings:

20 August 2015

Finding The Perfect Auto Repair Shop


Car repairs can be incredibly expensive and nerve-wracking, which is why you need to find the right auto shop for you. If you pick a shop that is less than ideal, you might end up paying too much or not receiving the care and attention that your vehicle deserves. To help make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, here are a couple of tips to consider when looking for an auto repair shop.

5 August 2015

Polish And Shine: Tips For Polishing Windshield Glass


Being able to see clearly through your car's windshield is essential to your safety on the road. Despite the durability of the glass, windshields are vulnerable to damage from rocks, gravel and other particles in the air. Over time, these things can cause a series of chips, dings and scratches in the windshield glass, leaving you struggling with a hazy, pitted windshield. Luckily, this type of damage doesn't always have to mean investing in a while new windshield.

22 July 2015

Torque Converter Failure: Warning Signs You Need To Know

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The torque converter is a pump that sits between your car's transmission and engine. It is a vital component of your transmission's operation because it maintains the pressure level of the transmission fluid inside the transmission. A failing torque converter can produce symptoms similar to that of a malfunctioning transmission, so it's important not to dismiss it in favor of the transmission if your car is having trouble. Here are some of the signs to watch for that indicate imminent failure of the torque converter on your car.

1 July 2015

Is Your Check Engine Light On? How To Test The MAP Sensor

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Since your car's Check Engine light can be activated by a variety of errors and failures, it can be hard to pin down the direct cause right away. One of the most common sources of Check Engine light trouble is the MAP sensor. MAP is short for manifold absolute pressure, and this sensor monitors the vacuum in the intake manifold compared to the atmospheric absolute pressure. Those readings drive the car's fuel consumption and spark timing.

18 June 2015