5 Signs Of A Failing Suspension System

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Your car's suspension system is responsible for dampening excessive forces or movements that may make the car bounce or sway too much while moving. You probably know that it is uncomfortable to ride in a car with a damaged suspension because you will feel every bump and pothole in the road. However, there are other signs that show a failing suspension: Drifting When your suspension is failing, it may not stabilize the car while turning.

24 February 2015

Planning A Trip? Get Your Car Ready For The Road

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If you are planning a trip and will be driving your car, take time to make sure it is ready before you head out. There is nothing worse than breaking down on the side of the road while you are out traveling. The tips below should help you get from point A to point B without having any problems. Check the Tires The first thing you should check is your tires.

11 February 2015

Four Important Things Every Body Shop Customer Should Know


Your car is wrecked and in need of repair. Liability has been determined, you're in a rental, and your insurance company has recommended a repair shop. Here are four important things you need to know before you sign anything.  1. Direct Repair Program (DRP). What is it? Insurance companies feed shops work based on pre-determined labor rates, parts markup percentages, and material costs. This is a perfectly legal and acceptable practice.

5 February 2015

DIY: 2 Reasons & Solutions For A Car That Stalls While Idling

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You may be one of the many people that have only one car to depend on. Even if you do have another vehicle, a car that stalls while idling can be frustrating. The following are 2 reasons why your car may be stalling and how to solve them.  1. A Clogged Fuel Filter Your vehicle, usually stalls for two reasons: either you don't have a proper electrical charge to ignite the fuel, or you don't have any fuel.

29 January 2015

Tips For A Stress-Free Car Buying Experience


Going to purchase a car can be a frustrating and exciting experience all wrapped up into one. Purchasing a car can be frustrating, and you want to make sure that you take your time so you get the car that you want at the price that you can afford. So when you are getting ready to hit the pavement and look for your next new car, turn to these tips to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience.

26 January 2015

Repair Your Auto Paint On Your Own


Many people feel confident fixing and repainting blemishes in their home. However, most people are uncomfortable repairing paint on their car. In fact, repairing paint on cars is not that much harder if you have the right tools. This article will explain how to repair and paint blemishes caused by rock chips. Preparing the Chipped Area First, you should repaint rock chips as soon as possible. Try to fix the chip before it starts to rust.

20 January 2015

Importance, Properties, And Replacement Of Big Rig Tires


Big rigs, also known as tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, or semi trucks, are constantly traveling roads, interstates, and highways around the country. They carry precious cargo, groceries, animals, technology, and a myriad of other products and items. Without these big rigs, life would definitely be a little different. Each one of those semi trucks has 18 to 26 tires to carry the load at high speeds, so the tires are critical to not only the driver's schedule, but the economy too.

15 January 2015

Truck Bed Extenders For The Professional Handyman

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Are you are a handyman or home repair professional who works out of his pickup truck? In that case, you know that hauling supplies in a pickup is not always a simple task. Sometimes the load you must haul is larger than your truck bed. Fortunately, a convenient accessory called a pickup bed extender can help you with this problem. Here is the 411 on this useful and practical attachment for your work vehicle.

12 January 2015

Use A Suction Dent Puller To Fix Your Car


If your car has a few dents in it from a recent accident, or just from wear and tear over time, instead of taking it to the auto body shop and running up an expensive bill, you can take the dents out at home. Purchase A Suction Dent Puller It does not take very many supplies to remove a dent from your vehicle. If you do not have a suction dent puller, you can pick one up at your local automotive parts store or order one online from an automotive store.

8 January 2015

4 Of The Most Beautiful Corvette Designs Ever Made


The Corvette is renowned for being a beautiful sports car. They have been around since the 1950s and are innovators in engineering and style. If you love sports cars, especially American sports cars, then you will love these classic Corvette designs. One of the great things about Corvettes style is that it has evolved over the years. If you look at the early 1950s models, they look nothing like the 1960s.

5 January 2015